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I am writing in an effort to preserve the extra curricular activities at Grand County High School. I graduated from GCHS last spring, and having almost finished my first semester of college, I can say with confidence that my participation in extra curricular activities prepared me for the intense academic, social and financial demands of college.

I was a dedicated member of the debate team all four years of high school. In "´╗┐Anadrol 50" addition to learning how to argue any issue, debate introduced me to a vast array of different philosophical Bolt 200m and pragmatic ideas, offering me the opportunity to explore and develop my own views and opinions. Furthermore, debate presented me with a heavy workload; spending hours researching and preparing a case made adjusting to college expectations far less drastic.

Outside of the academic progression debate offered, the social component of my participation in debate, drama, soccer and cross country allowed me to become comfortable with making new friends. This confidence interacting with new people benefited me greatly when I walked into my dormitory seeing no familiar faces, knowing that for the next year I would be sharing a roof with them. My involvement in extra curricular activities during high school made entering college less intimidating.

My involvement in extra curricular activities made applying to college, choosing a college and attending college significantly easier for me. I had "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" the honor of receiving the Sterling Scholarship in speech and drama, an award I obviously never could have earned without my training and experience in the extra curricular activities available in both speech and drama. My involvement in these activities helped clarify my interests, allowing me to "Anaboliset Aineet" enter college knowing what I "Anaboliset Aineet" want to study. In addition to paying for full tuition to Westminster College where I am currently enrolled, this allowed my focus to be on my books rather than my bills, something invaluable to my studies.

I cannot stress enough how important extra curricular activities are to a student's academic and social advancement; the skills an individual acquires stretch far Anavar Energy beyond the stage, the field, the court, or the classroom in which a student practices. These activities pave the way for students to get into college, earn scholarships and enter college with important academic and/or social skills.

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