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´╗┐Veteran actress Anadrol Keifei deals new hand in

Even if Kay Francis didn't know she was always going to be an actress, her mother "Anadrol 50" did. The little girl who plinked out tunes on an electric keyboard at the Doxee Trailer Park on Marco Island in the winter of 1949 50 has been on stages across the country.

"My dearly departed mother would tell you I was never not acting," Francis said. Coburn play "The Gin Game," which will have a three night run at the Norris Center in downtown Naples from Jan. 4 6. The show outlines a stylish, "Oxandrolone Powder India" biting war of words between two residents in a nursing home as they bicker over games of gin rummy.

She plays Fonsia Dorsey Bestellen Cialis a quick study at the Deca Durabolin Strength Gain game opposite Tommy Lynn Milligan's Weller Martin. As "The Gin Game" unfolds, audiences get to know the pair and learn their secrets. The show tackles issues like isolation, aging, loneliness and the fear of dying.

"Most of our theater going audiences in Naples are retirement age and the fears and situations in 'The Gin Game' may hit close to home," Francis said.

As each hand is laid down, the characters and the actors put a little more of themselves on the table. Playing "The Gin Game" becomes the art of peeling an onion layer by layer by layer with each new discovery unwrapping something ever darker inside.

The depth of feeling and the many emotions in Coburn's script comes out aided by the long partnership between the two actors playing the roles.

"We "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" have both done two person shows and know the trust required between acting partners in this format," Francis said. "I trust Tom to make his Weller true to Coburn's script and intent but also true to his own feelings about aging and fear of dying alone. That's what we all fear."

When Milligan was planning the season for The Old Creamery Theatre Company in Amana, Iowa, he asked if Francis had anything in mind.

"I immediately said 'The Gin Game,'" Francis said. "Every once in awhile you work with an actor who is completely in sync with you; that's Tom."

She's trading the favor too playing Ethel Thayer in "On Golden Pond" later in 2012.

In the play, Francis' character has an uncanny streak of luck and wins every hand much to the frustration of her partner. No matter how Weller deals, discards or deliberates Fonsia declares "GIN!" again and again and again.

Depending on the layout of the theatre, actors can choose to "stack the deck" (the script has detailed instructions, Francis says) or simply play the cards as they come off and speak the dialogue.

"Unless one is performing in the round or in a very small space where the audience can see every card played, it doesn't matter," Francis said. "We are so high above the audience [in Anavar Zmrc the Norris], no one can see the top of the table anyway."

It is in these moments though that the play's tragi comic moments come to the fore.

"We all resonate to Weller's rage against outrageous fortune and we know the futility of it and find it funny," Francis said. "Yet Weller rages on. Fonsia may defeat him at cards but Weller will try to beat God because God is giving "buy cheap jintropin online" her these cards."

Francis hopes the audience identifies with the themes in the work.

"Certainly we all know elderly people like Fonsia and Weller and from middle age on we are accutely aware of the possibility of either having to put a loved one in a retirement or nursing home or personally ending up in one," she said. "How will we handle the stress, the futility of having lost our homes, livelihoods, security if we end up like Weller and Fonsia?"


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